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How to Solve a Problem Like the Harmonized Tariff Schedule

There are few sure things in life, I was told as a child: death and taxes.  After recovering from the trauma of having been told this at the tender age of five, like most things you learn in kindergarten, I’ve realized that this is true.  In fact, a large portion of one’s life is spent either paying taxes, bookkeeping, or in the case of a small business owner, imputing the codes from the Harmonized Tariff Schedule.  
Here are some highlights of my discoveries.  Should warm any taxpayer’s heart that a now archaic tool for photography - an exposure meter - has it’s own subcategory within a subcategory: 9027.50.10.
Exposure Meter
Additionally, because I’m cheeky like that, our Huis Clos - that now-converted cabinet that most people are incredulous that it is indeed a box bed from 17th Century Flanders - I have declared 9403.50, wooden furniture of a kind used in the bedroom, NOT 9403.60, other wooden furniture - not used in an office, a kitchen, a bedroom, or is a dining room table.  By the way, in 17th Century Flanders, you only laid down to sleep when you were ready to die - and had paid your taxes.
Also, search for ceramics - you know, like the vast majority of your dishware that’s found in every antique store across the land? Well, they will be available on our website for international shipping just as soon as I determine which percentage of uranium was used when creating said ceramic plates...

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