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"Adler Erdglobus" or "Eagle Globe" World Globe with Compass (German, c.1930s)


Tall German tabletop "Adler Erdglobus," a globe of the world with wood base, from the 1930s. Small compass embedded into the base. Produced by Hesse & Becker Verlag of Leipzig in collaboration with Dr. Sandro Limbach, a German geologist specializing in commodities such as nitrates and rubber.

This globe likely accompanied Limbach's book length study on the utility of globes: Was uns der Erdball erzählt : Allerlei Wissen vom Werden und Wesen unseres Planeten, also published by Hesse & Becker in 1940. Further evidence for the date of the globe is the prominently displayed Reichsadler, presumably of the Third Reich, with its Art Deco stylized imperial eagle with talons on a globe.

Either way, this beige world globe was developed in light of a new world view emerging out of an autocratic Germany. A herald for the grand ambitions and ensuing horror that was to come.

Some wear and fading on globe itself. The globe appears to be a uniform light beige color, which works well. Names, borders, and symbols are legible. Base has some wear and tear, especially around the compass. Globe turns very well and is slightly loose on the base but not much. Compass is in good condition. Overall in good condition and an impressive piece.

The globe is about 14 inches in diameter (35 cm) and 23 1/2 inches tall. It weighs 4 lbs. 7 3/4 oz. 


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