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De Musset, Illustrated by U. Brunelleschi, Nuit Venitienne fantasia: Les caprices de Marianne, L'Édition d'art (Paris: H. Piazza et Cie, 1913)


La nuit venitienne, Fantasio, and Les caprices de Marianne, three plays by Alfred de Musset and ilustrated by Umberto Brunelleschi. Published in 1913 for a special limited edition by L'Édition d'art H. Piazza et Cie. of Paris.  

This is one of only 500 copies on Japanese paper and provided with a stamp of Umberto Brunelleschi's signature. This copy was owned by H. Nowé of Ghent (Gand in French), Belgium. It is enhanced with the Art Nouveau illustrations of Umberto Brunelleschi, best known as a costume designer for Josephine Baker

Our copy of de Musset’s three plays is a large presentation copy. On publication, it was encased in a blue box, but this box is not included with this copy. The dust jacket is intact and edges are in good, sharp condition. Some edges are still untorn. The spine and the spine of the dust jacket are worn and crumbling, and some folios are loose from the book block in places. The interior pages are beautifully printed and embossed, however, and the color plates are stunningly brilliant.

Measures 12 x 9 1/2 x 1 1/4". Weighs 3 lbs. 4 3/4 oz.


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