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2606 Granby Street
Norfolk, VA 23517

Baroque armchair with tooled and gilt leather and wood, poss. English, c.1690s-1740s


Impressive armchair with gilt embossed leather chairback and large gilt wood finials. Most likely English from the turn of the 18th century. Brown leather upholstered seat and embossed leather back with coat of arms. Large brass bosses down sides of back and around the base of the seat. The legs and four rungs are lathe-turned with squared-off feet. The coat of arms has a lion rampant in an oval shield with a bendlet across. The cartouche is framed with elaborate scrolls. We found this chair in the Netherlands.

The gold coat of arms of a lion rampant with a bendlet may represent the Churchill family. The period that this chair was made falls during the construction of the Churchill's Blenheim Palace (1705-1733) for the first Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill. This was Winston Churchill's birthplace. The chair's English Baroque features match the palace, and it very well may have once resided at Blenheim. A chair with similar leather, lathe-turned legs, and bosses from Blenheim was on the market not too long ago.

In good to fair condition. The gilded finials and gilt leather chair back show some signs of wear and chipping but not much. The edges of the leather are worn and cracked in places, although there are no tears or major stress to the leather overall. Upholstered seat is slightly loose and has two large dark brown stains, but leather is still smooth. One leg wobbles ever so slightly, but this does not effect the sturdiness of the seat. Wood appears in good shape. Leather back is securely attached. Measures 49.5 H x 26 W x 25" D, and weighs 40 lbs.


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