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Belgian wooden lace bobbins, c.1850s-1890s


Fourteen wooden lace bobbins, from Belgium in the mid to late nineteenth century. Long, lathe-turned wood bobbins in light color wood.

These bobbins were used to make handmade pillow lace or bobbin lace, and you can see the smooth, shiny patina on them from frequent use. Thread would have been wound around the narrowest part of each bobbin. Lacemaking is essentially weaving, braiding, and twisting with many threads, and the bobbins are the tools that keep those threads in order. Many bobbins are often used at one time. The pattern the bobbins follow is pinned with dozens of pins upon a lacemaking pillow - or a weighted lace tool such as we also have in our collection.

These bobbins show smooth wear from use but are sturdy and clean. Each bobbin measures 4 3/8 x 3/8 x 1/4 (diameter) inches and weighs 1/4 oz. 


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