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Color Stereoscope Card of Japanese Officer Looking into Port Arthur (Ingersoll, 1905)


Color stereoscope card, No. 173, "Japanese officer looking into Port Arthur." From a series about the Russo-Japanese War, fought between Russia and Japan over land and ports in China and on the Korean Peninsula from 1904 to 1905.  Two images of a Japanese officer peering through binoculars across a landscape. On a green background. With descriptive paragraph about the image printed on the back. Published by T.W. Ingersoll, 1905.

This slide is part of a collection of 45 stereoscope cards at The Curio of Norfolk on Japanese efforts in the Russo-Japanese War. Please contact us to see or purchase more of these cards!

In good condition. A few creases on the bottom left hand corner. Some wear on other corners. Clean, and image is bright and not faded.

Measures 3 1/2 H x 7 W x 1/16 D, and weighs 0.5 oz.

Caption written with an interesting (and Western) take on Japan's part in the war:

"Port Arthur was considered impregnable, and the fact that General Stoessel surrendered does not disprove the proposition. If Stoessel's soldiers had been Japanese, well ammunitioned, well provisioned and ably commanded, the outcome would have been different. The Russians were worn out, their moral strength had disappeared. The Japanese wore their enemies out through their persistence in carrying out the systematic attack planned for them by the general staff in Tokio [sic]. With a passion for detail and a mania for precision, the fortress was plotted and the operations against it mathematically separated into stages. And hundreds of field glasses were turned every day toward the Russian forts, scanning every bit of the glacis and the intervening space, watching for any little item the discovery of which might be of service in the coming death struggle."


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