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Dr. Max de Fontbrune's Les Propheties de Maistre Michel Nostradamus (1939)



French paperback edition of The Prophecies of Master Michel Nostradamus, with explanations and commentary written by Dr. Max De Fontbrune, the pseudonym for Max Pigeard de Gurbert.

Dr. Max de Fontbrune, Les Propheties de Maistre Michel Nostradamus: Expliquées et Commentées ( Sarlat, Dordogne: Michelet, Editeur, 1939. This is the sixth edition, the first print out of 100 copies on handmade paper from Rives, in addition to ten further copies on even finer paper.

Nostradamus, Catherine de Medici's contentious adviser whose visions (and her acceptance of them) altered the course of history. Some of his predictions, however, appeared to be valid, and he has had a following since his death in 1566.

Dr. de Fontebrune's commentary links Nostradamus's prophecy to both Biblical reference and contemporary political geography. As such, de Fontebrune's work was even used in Nazi propaganda: Was bringt das Jahr 1940? Die Antwort geben uns "Les vrayes Centuries et Propheties de Maistre Michel Nostradamus" was used to lend support to an invasion of England.

It seems that 1940 did not turn out as the hoped for them, and thus by November 1940 the collaborationist and nominal government of France, Vichy, banned this book. 

This book is in very good condition. It is wrapped in transparent paper vellum, which shows some wear itself. The paper covers have a little wear on the bottom right-hand corner. Pages have all been cut, as this is a page turner.

This book measures 9 7/8 H x 6 1/2 W x 1 7/8 D inches and weighs 1 pound 1.5 ounces.



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