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Engraved spring-loaded blood letting tool (bleeder) with case, c.1800s-1850s


Brass handled spring-loaded bloodletting tool in wood and leather case from the early to mid 19th century. Handle is engraved with simple hatching design. Case is made with two pieces of fruitwood wrapped in brown leather. A small brass hook and eye locks it closed on the front. Interior is lined with orange fabric and gold thread. Top is embossed with vines and a motto. Motto embossed on top of the case says in German: "Trau nicht est sticht," or "Don't trust it, it stings!" An appropriate motto for the medical practice of bloodletting, which became obsolete by the 1850s.

In fair condition. The spring still works, and there is not much oxidation on the blade. Signs of sharpening. The case is worn, most of the leather gone from the two sides and some of the top. Lid is still attached to the case although the leather is missing on the back. Hook and eye still in tact. Does not include the extra blade. Case measures 2.75 x 1.5 x 1 inch. Case and bleeder together weigh 1.5 oz.


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