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Fleam or blood letting tool with white handle, c.1860s


Fleam or blood letting blade with flat white handle. From the 1860s. Teardrop shaped metal blade has wide taper to edges. Flat handle tapers at the end to a sharp point. Stamped with the name of the manufacturer in two lines between the handle and the blade. We are not able to determine the name at this time.

The triangular tip of the blade allowed penetration of a vein without damaging the surrounding tissue. Although blood letting was officially on the wane by the mid 19th century, these tools were still considered useful for treating livestock. Laminitis, the inflammation of the bursa protecting the hoof, was often rectified by blood letting. The pathology for laminitis is not yet established. In good condition. No deterioration or discoloration on the handle, and the blade shows no signs of oxidation. Some signs of the blade being sharpened. Measures 5 1/2 x 5/8 x 1/4 inches. Weighs 1/2 oz.



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