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"Flowers and Plants," Large SIGNED Handmade Wool Tapestry by Nagla Farouk at the Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Center, Egypt, 2000.


Breathtaking and colorful woven wool tapestry handmade in Egypt. Titled "Flowers and Plants." Detailed flora in bright greens, reds, and whites on a variegated blue background with many birds. White cotton fringe on two sides. Signed by the weaver "Nagla" (Farouk) and the workshop head "Suzanne Wissa Wassef" for the workshop at The Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Center in Giza, Egypt, Aug. 2000. 

Ramses Wissa Wassef was an Egyptian-born, French-educated architect. During his studies and early career in Paris, he was inspired by the intricate and symbolic tapestries of The Gobelins Manufactory, a royal favorite since 1662. Upon his return to Egypt in his later career, he founded his eponymous art center with the intention of melding Northern European arts and innovation with local production from the soil to the soul. Each dye is from a local plant and is tended, harvested, and processed into colors by the atelier. Each weaver develops an individual artistry informed by both tradition and modern innovation. 

These tapestries are highly sought after by collectors of Egyptian folk art the world over and pieces by the Atelier Wissa Wassef are proudly part of the collections at major museums - like the Frank Gehry designed Getty Museum of Los Angeles. This dynamic piece can be juxtaposed to the surroundings of a Gehry building or can find its home gracing the wall above your antique sideboard.

Nagla Farouk is still an active artist and this piece was created when she was 20 years old. A testament to the tradition of textile art dominated by women around the world over the centuries.

Dimensions are 86 x 46 1/4 inches. Weighs approximately 50 lbs.



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