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French Mannequin by P. Iman's, Paris, c.1920s


Unusual early 20th century French mannequin with plaster hands and legs and wood and cloth body. Removable, painted hands with fingernails. Leather shoes and wool socks attached to legs. Printed "P. Iman's Paris" on the lower torso. Front has a small hinged flap that shows the inner frame. Waist, arms, and shoulders are adjustable. Mannequin stands on its own, but there is a hole in one shoe to insert a pole for further support.

Some wear and chips on paint. A few joints are loose. Wood includes minor and old worm damage that adds character. Head is missing, but would have included a detailed face with expressive eyes. 

Paris, France, c.1920s.

Mannequin stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall without head. Shoe size is a man's size 7.5 (US). Weighs approximately 16 pounds.


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