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Spanish Grain Thresher or Trillo, c.1900-1910


Grain thresher or trillo from Spain in the early 20th century. Black pine wood sleigh peppered on the underside with sharp bits of flint. With a bar on which to tie a horse. Ancient Romans referred to this agricultural tool as a tribulum. It is used to separate the wheat grain and the straw (the wheat from the chaff, if you will).

This thresher is likely from Cantalejo in Spain. Threshing boards like this one have been crafted there for centuries - and used up to the 1950s, when agriculture was folklorically authentic under Franco's regime. Threshing with this machine is uncommon on the European continent except in Spain, where the tradition lives on.

Black pine trees cling to the Iberian Peninsula, where they are distinguished by the similarity of their tops to broccoli heads. The rough surface of this black pine and flint item makes for a great rustic coffee table or wall decor that makes a statement.

Spain, c.1900-1910.

The thresher measures 72.5 H x 29 W x 5" D and weighs 75 lbs.

**Please note that due to the weight of this item, it requires special shipping. Inquire below for more information.**


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