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Large antiphonal music manuscript pages on vellum, Spanish, c.1500s-1550s


Large antiphonal pages on vellum from an early modern choir book, most likely from Spain in the early to mid 16th century. This is one sheet of vellum folded in two (two continuous bifolium leaves with four pages) - and still in tact - with four pages of music in black and red ink with two blue initials. Five decorated initials total.

Initials (including black Celtic style initials) are similar to a Spanish antiphonal page held at Dartmouth Library (Ms. 002097). The music includes 5 antiphons, short chants, as is familiar to the modern world in Gregorian chant. Handwriting is similar to the round gothic Spanish hand used in the first half of the 16th century. Square notation was typical for this type of text, as well.

In a vintage double glass frame from the 1970s (not archival glass). Can be hung on the wall one direction or another easily. Manuscript pages are a bit faded, one side more than the other. However, all words and music notation are easily readable. Frame is in good condition with some expected wear. Frame measures 23 x 31.35 x 1.25 inches. Weighs 9 lbs 6.5 oz.


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