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Les Transformateurs d’Énergie by Fernand Barrès et al., 2 Volumes (Paris, 1910)


An incredible book on engineering innovations with color pop-up diagrams. Fernand Barrès, Eugène Brémaud, Adolphe Schœller et al., Les Transformateurs d’Énergie: Générateurs, Accumulateurs, Moteurs, avec les Plus Récentes Applications à la Navigation Aérienne. Published in Paris by Librairie Commerciale Aristide Quillet, Éditeur in 1910. In French.

A book about innovations in generators, electrical accumulators, and motors, including airplanes, in the first decade of the 20th century. Beautiful Art Nouveau style embossing in gold and various colors on russet cloth hardbound covers. The title page boasts that the book was written by a team of engineers and teachers.

In two volumes: Volume I (Texte) and Volume II (Atlas). Volume I (Texte) gives explanations and specifications for the diagrams in Volume II (Atlas) as well as many black and white line illustrations. Volume II (Atlas) is a collection of 12 color pop-up diagrams or multi-layered cutaways of 18th and 19th century motors and means of transportation in great engineering detail on paperboard.

The twelve diagrams are: La Locomotive Compound, Les Turbines à Vapeur, Les Gazogènes, Les Moteurs à Gaz, La Motocyclette, L'Automobile type Daimler, Les Aéronats, L'Aéroplane Wright, L'Aéroplane Voisin, La Dynamo, La Magnéto, Les Accumulateurs, Les Télégraphie sans fil.

In English, these are: The Compound Locomotive, Steam Turbines, Gas Generators, Gas Motors, The Motorcycle, Daimler type Automobile, Airships (Dirigible Balloons), The Wright Brothers Airplane, The Voisin Airplane (a biplane), The Dynamo (an electrical generator), The Magneto (another electrical generator), Accumulators (energy storage), Wireless Telegraph (radio).

Volume I (Texte): 221 pp. Volume II (Atlas): 12 diagrams on paperboard.

In very good condition. Pop-up diagrams are usually not complete in copies of this book. All diagrams in Volume II (Atlas) are in good condition. Les Gazogènes diagram is loose from the paperboard, but layers are still in tact. A quarter inch squared piece of fabric was torn from the middle of the spine of Volume II (Atlas). Otherwise, the covers and pages are clean and show only the usual wear and yellowing - actually remarkably less than many.

Volume I (Texte) measures 12 H x 8 W x 1 D inches, Volume II (Atlas) measures 12 H x 8 W x 1 3/8 D inches, and together the books weigh 6 pounds 11 1/2 ounces.


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