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Nora "Goebbels-Schnauze" radio, a.k.a. Deutscher Kleinempfänger, 1938

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"Goebbels-Schnauze," officially known as the Deutscher Kleinempfänger 1938. Double tube, reed speaker, and housed in dark brown, marbled Bakelite, this radio was created under the guise of providing the new medium of communication to all at only 35 Reichmarks - with installments possible, of course. Yes, Goebbels-Schnauze does refer to Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, specifically his "schnauze" or "snout."

The radio company Nora was founded in 1893 by electrical engineer Dr. Hermann Aron, also the inventor of the all-important watt meter. In 1923, the trademark was reversed from ARON to NORA as the family name was very recognizably not German. By 1934, the company was number four in German radio production, and was especially renowned for its sleek Art Deco design, inspired by Bauhaus. In 1935, Nora was "sold" to (read: hostilely taken over by...) Siemens. Aron was then permitted to leave the concentration camp he was put in, and he and his family fled to America. By 1938, this radio company produced antiquated radios that could only set to German or Austrian stations. 

This example is in excellent condition with no cracks. It measures 9 x 9 x 4 5/8, 63 1/2 oz. Germany, 1938.

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