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Painted colonial wood statue of Saint Sebastian, c.1760s


Small wooden statue of Saint Sebastian. Gessoed and painted wood. Saint Sebastian in a white loin cloth with a black hem leans against a green painted tree stump in contrapposto pose. Possibly from a Spanish or Dutch mission in South America during the 1760s. The style is similar to statues of saints placed in a mission plaza or square.

Saint Sebastian is known to have been shot with arrows as part of his martyrdom, and the blood from arrow wounds are visible in the paint. We wrote about this statue in our first blog on this website. You can read the blog HERE. 

This saint is the patron of archers, athletes, and soldiers. Also, Saint Roche and Saint Sebastian were often seen together or separately at apothecaries in medieval Europe in order to intercede for those who were struck by the plague.

The color of the paint on this statue is bright but shows some wear and grime. The paint is chipped or cracked in places, as is often seen from aging egg tempera paint. Some large chips on base and body. One round 1 1/2 inch spot on Saint Sebastian's torso is worn to the gesso (possibly from repeated touching of a wound in Saint Sebastian's side in veneration). Old worm damage and decay visible on the base, and a large chip in the wood is visible on the top of the tree.

Measures 23 1/4 H x 6 1/2 W x 6" D, and weighs 5 lbs. 7 oz.


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