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Seven-sided Philips Bakelite speaker (Louis Christian Kalff), c.1930s


Seven-sided speaker by Dutch audio company Philips with deep gold woven fabric. On its own triangular shaped stand. Wires still attached. Made of marbled Philite, a plastic very similar to Bakelite that was patented specifically for Philips. Art Deco design by Louis Christiaan Kalff in the 1930s. Metal label on the back reads: "PHILIPS Type 2109 No. 32950."

The pinnacle of Art Deco design for the best producer of radios in 1930s Europe, Philips. Philips was, and remains, a powerhouse in electronics, and their collaboration with Kalff never ended. He wrote a book Creative Light in 1971 on architectural lighting. Bakelite, the first thermosetting phenolic resin, is heat resistant and thus is a natural fit for stereo equipment. Philips went beyond Bakelite and created Philite to house their own radios and electronics.

In good condition. The woven fabric in the front is in excellent condition. No chips or scratches in the Philite casing. The thin black fabric or screening in the back of the speaker is torn or missing from some of the small windows around the base. We have not tested this speaker. The wires have been clipped short, but it could be rewired by a professional. Or may we suggest this as an elegant way to hide a modern speaker and dock? Measures 18.5 H x 18.75 W x 8 D inches, and weighs 10 lbs 15 oz. For more information on Philite, click HERE.


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