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Stained glass blueprint of two female saints, poss. by Bertrand Bardenhewer, c.1894


Rectangular framed stained glass blueprint of a double arched stained glass with two female saints. From the late 19th century, most likely 1894, by Belgian stained glass maker Bertrand Bardenhewer.  

Image is of the saints "Caecilia" and "Maragetha." Color blueprint of double arched stained glass is cut out and pasted on backing. Mat has some scratches, and frame has some crumbling on a few corners.

Image itself is in excellent condition with little fading or discoloration and few if any tears or wear, although it is pasted on the backing. Measures 15.1/4 x 24.7/8 inches and weighs 1 lb 15.74 oz.

(See our large octagonal framed stained glass blueprints signed by Bardenhewer.)


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