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Stereoscope Card - 2. Reims St Remy Transept


Reims - specifically this transept - is the source of the divine right of the Kings of France. And England: The source of the animosity is here, too… La Sainte-Ampoule - the holy vial of oil from which St. Remi(gus) of Reims baptized The Frankish King Clovis I - was discovered in St. Remi’s sarcophagus in 1131, just in time for the coronation of Louis VII as Junior King. This baptism (Christmas Day, 508 at the Battle of Tolbiac) converted all of France to Christianity, and the historical link to the most powerful and unifying Frankish King cements the legitimacy of the burgeoning world power that would become France. This power was God-given.

Publisher and photographer unknown, c.1900.

Good condition.

Weighs 0.5oz and measures 7 x 3  3/8 inches.


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