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2606 Granby Street
Norfolk, VA 23517

Stereoscope Card - 4733 Avenue of Fountains and the Imperial Palace, Peterhof, Russia. 1901


A detailed description written on the back side of the card some of which reads

'The Palace of Peterhof seen in our views owes its fame rather to its associations and setting than to its architectural beauties. Within its rooms are to be seen many relics of the great and progressive Tsar, including specimens of his own handiwork, historical paintings and art collections of importance. Much of its interest however, to the lover of the quaint and beautiful lies in the terraced garden between the palace and the seashore, with its artistic embellishments of grottoes, fountains, basins, nymphs and dolphins.

Published by H.C White Co. Publishers, Bennington, VT for The 'Perfec' Stereograph (Trade Mark). 1901

Good condition with slight forward curve warping. There is also some blue blue pencil marks on the back.

Weighs 0.5oz and measures 7x 3.5 inches.


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