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Stereoscope Card of Funeral for MacMahon, President-Marshall of France (1893)


Stereoscope card with a black and white photograph of the funeral procession of Patrice de MacMahon, President-Marshall of France, on October 22, 1893. Published by Collections ND Phot, 1893. Card no. 118. Captioned "Obsèque de Mac Mahon Attachés Militaires."

The funeral procession for MacMahon was from La Madeleine, where he laid in state and where there was a mass, to Les Invalides, where he was buried alongside other French military heroes. Napoleon I is one such figure who rests here, having been transferred to the spot in 1840. And, since 1861, he has rested under the massive red quartz and green granite sarcophagus and the gilded Dome of Les Invalides.

In good condition.

Weighs 0.5 oz. and measures 7 x 3.5 inches.


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