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Stereoscope Card - The boys who fought in Manila - Dewey parade, New York 1898


The boys who fought in Manila,- Dewey parade, New York. The victors of The Spanish-American War had a military parade in New York on August 20, 1898. This was very widely filmed and photographed, more about which you can read here. This military parade focused on the men who fought at the behest at their Commander-in-Chief and in honor of the 2258 dead, 1645 wounded, and 11 prisoners of war. In this war, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guam, and the Philippines - thus the Boys From Manila - became American territories.

Published by H.C White Co. Publishers, Bennington, VT, for The "Perfec" Stereograph (Trade Mark).

Good condition with warping forward curve.

Weighs 0.5oz and measures 7 x 3.5 inches.



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