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Stereoscope Card -The Carding room in a Cotton Mill, Augusta, GA 1901


Photograph of the Carding room machinery, in a Cotton Mill in Augusta , Georgia. Cotton is King (see FLM 22.58) was the economic justification for the South seceding from the Union. King Cotton, as powerhouse commodity would carry the economy. They forgot that cotton was just a raw material dependent on fabrication generally in the North, or machines produced in the North. Written in French on the reverse, "Salle des machines à carder dans une usine de coton, Augusta, États-Unis".

Published by H.C White Co. Publishers, Bennington, VT, for The "Perfec" Stereograph (TradeMark) 1901.

Good condition with slight warping forward of the card.

Weighs 0.5oz and measures 7 x 3.5 inches.



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