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Two-sided carved wood panel with a stag and an angel, poss. Flemish, 16th century


Elongated oval carved wood panel, most likely Dutch or Flemish from the early 1500s. Carved in simple lines with a stag on one side and a seated angel among leaves or flames on the other.

The angel, interestingly enough, sits on an upholstered low seat with curved legs and wears a biretta, a square hat worn by a cardinal or a bishop. The carvings around the angel are of roses and unopened pomegranates. It may be a reference to the story of Saint Hubert's vision of a stag (the patron saint of hunters and the influence for the Jägermeister liqueur symbol...). It is possible that the panel symbolized one of the military orders related to Saint Hubert.

This thin piece of dark wood was most likely used as a firescreen, the tapered ends on all sides fitted into a frame and stand that are no longer extant. Wood used in the church in Tervuren, Belgium, where Hubert was purported to have died, is similar to this piece.

Panel was split down the middle and repaired at one point in time. Aged wood has been worn smooth over time and shows some rough edges, especially on the bottom, but it is sturdy overall. The side with the angel has a slightly dark, shiny patina, as if it was frequently near an open flame. Measures 15 1/4 x 24 1/2 x 1/2 inches. Weighs 4 lbs 9.75 oz.


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